Introducing Bulgaria

A country is famous for its wonderful landscapes, crowdy Black sea resorts, numerous historical sites and monuments and picturesque folk traditions, Bulgaria is your all-season holiday Eden for everyone to find their time, place and space.

Bulgaria – a country of hospitable nature, of plain and friendly attitudes. A land where everything is scented with the flavor of true, live fruit, freshly torn from the tree.

Bulgaria offers the tourist a bagful of dazzling land views: endless sand beaches along the sea coast, long ranges of wild mountains and lush green hills, plenteous valleys and picturesque gorges, serene rivers and clear blue ponds and numerous crystal clear nature and mineral springs. Bulgaria is famous for its bright sunny summers, head-turning scent of rose plantations, live-colored orchards and sun-bathed vineyards.

At wintertime, snow-clad peaks and endless pine forests, sparkling like emerald gems under the warm winter sun, turn Bulgaria also into a winter wonderland.