Golden Sands

Golden Sands, Bulgaria – Sun, Sea, Sand and Splendour

parasols_golden_sandsGolden Sands, Bulgaria is the most glamorous and glittering resort on the country’s Black Sea coast. Situated just 15 km from Varna, the “sea capital” of Bulgaria, Golden Sands is one of the two largest seaside resorts in the country. This gated resort was declared as a protected territory in 1943. It covers nearly 180,000 sq.m of park land, most of which is still undeveloped. The closeness to the sea, the wonderful climate and gentle sea breeze make this green and lush park one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria.

Golden Sands, Bulgaria and its southern counterpart, Sunny Beach, are the two most popular coastal resorts in Bulgaria. Golden Sands has the advantage of being very close to Varna International Airport, which means that there are flights available throughout the entire year. Golden Sands is a top-class resort with a spectacular range of restaurants, luxurious hotels, bars and pubs, and a fantastic selection of sports and leisure facilities. It is a paradise for children, with soft, pale sand and calm water with a gently-sloping sea bed with no rocks. Golden Sands resort is perfect for both swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

ferris_wheel_golden_sandsThe Beach

Children will love the legend of Golden Sands, which says that Pirates buried their stolen treasure in the ground at the seaside resort. The land took revenge on the Pirates by turning the gold into sand. There must have been a lot of treasure because the beach at Golden Sands is 3.5 kilometres long and up to 100 metres wide.

Golden Sands is a “Blue Flag” resort. This guarantees that the beach, and the sea, are kept clean and free of pollutants. In fact the beach is well known for being one of the best sandy beaches in Europe. The vast majority of the beach is available to the public, although at the far edge of the resort there are some areas which are restricted to residents of the beach-front hotels. There are plenty of sun beds and parasols. If you want to spend several hours on the beach, it is best to hire a parasol, sun beds and mattresses – after all, it is your holiday and you want to be as comfortable as possible. However, if you’re just popping down for a little splash and a quick top-up for your tan, park your own mat or beach towel in the “free zones” which lie behind the sun beds.

The Climate at Golden Sands

admiral_golden_sandsThe summer season at Golden Sands runs from early May until late September. Summers in Bulgaria can get quite hot, but the sea breeze at Golden Sands keeps the temperatures at an ideal level. There are around 300 sunny days per year, and the average temperature in July and August is 30° C. The average sea temperature in summer is a comfortable 24° C – so don’t be a chicken, just run straight in. Even during the months of May and October the air temperature still averages between 21°C to 23°C, which makes Golden Sands an ideal holiday location in Spring and Autumn, too.

Activities at Golden Sands

golden_sands_1There are plenty of activities for people of all ages at Golden Sands. Whether you are looking for some gentle, relaxing pastimes or for an action-packed holiday, Golden Sands has something for everybody. The resort boasts over 20 outdoor swimming pools and an indoor swimming pool with mineral water. With nearly 30 tennis courts, plus volleyball courts and basketball playing fields, a bowling alley and horse riding, there is no excuse for being bored. And of course, Golden Sands has an aqua park and lots of water sports.

golden_sands_2Golden Sands also offers several mineral spas which the Bulgarians claim have healing powers. In fact, the Bulgarians say they have been keeping themselves healthy for many years by bathing in the spa waters and drinking their extremely potent alcoholic drink – Rakia. Several of the hotels offer spa treatments and holistic therapies, and you can even have a relaxing massage in one of the massage tents along the sea front. A combination of massage and the soft sound of the gentle waves is bound to ease you off to sleep. Go on – a little pampering can go a long way!

Eating Out in Golden Sands

eiffel_golden_sandsWith a huge range of restaurants and cafés at Golden Sands, there is no excuse for going hungry. Prices range from very reasonable to very expensive, and of course there is always McDonald’s – Golden Sands has two of them. Most of the bars in Golden Sands serve food as well as drink and the hotel restaurants are open to non-residents. Kids will love the themed restaurants, especially the Cocktail Bar Paris (on the terrace of a mini “Eiffel Tower”) and Golden Dreams restaurant, constructed in an old galleon. Eating out in Golden Sands is a wonderful experience.

Warm Evenings in Golden Sands

galleon_golden_sands_2At night, Golden Sands really sparkles. With glittering hotels and decorative lighting along the promenade, you can’t fail to be impressed by the beauty of the resort. There are lots of discos, bars and nightclubs which offer a real party atmosphere and where the dancing continues all night long. If you are feeling lucky, why not pay a visit to one of the glamorous casinos? Who knows, you might win somebody’s heart as well as some extra spending money!