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Hotel Lion Borovets – Review


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About Borovets

Borovetz is the first and most popular international mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located at              2 000m above sea level on the Northern slopes of Rila mountain. Borovetz is easily accessible, being only 70 km away from Sofia. It was developed into a modern high-class ski resort with luxury hotels, restaurants, entertainment spots and 50 km of ski runs providing excellent conditions for a variety of winter sports.

The 4 star Hotel Lion Borovetz is located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots of Borovetz resort, just a few minutes walk away from the main ski lift station.


Rooms and appartments

The hotel disposes of 157 rooms in different room categories: single rooms, double rooms, studios and luxurious apartments, offering comfort and privacy for your stay, 6 double rooms ,as well as all areas of the hotel, are disabled guest friendly.


About the restaurant

The hotel features a restaurant with a capacity of 150 seats, with a wet bar and Buffet, where guests can enjoy Bulgarian, as well as European cuisine.


SPA center

Enjoy professional care such as traditional massages, exotic treatments of mystical Asia and SPA rituals which will awaken all your senses and make you feel reborn!

The professionals at Dzen Spa, Lion Hotel Borovets will take care of you and your good shape and excellent frame of mind with various massages of the most exotic corners of the world – Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, India, Turkey, with honey and chocolate treatments, cellulite treatments, shiatsu and fitness massages.

Clear your body from toxins and stress of everyday life, not just cure the physical body – surround yourself with attention and recharge your energy and positive vibes!

As a guest of Lion Hotel Borovets complimentary at your service are:

Finnish sauna

Traditional dry high temperature sauna at 90 ° – 110 ° C, made from high-quality wood.

The combination of the heat of the sauna, treatment with cold water or air and breaks for relaxation, which characterize the procedure of using the classic sauna, increases blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna is a variation of the Finnish sauna and is characterized by a lower temperature than the standard sauna – around 55 ° – 65 ° C. Different type dry herbs (chamomile, thyme, himalayan salt, etc.) are placed in a container over the stove and are swamped with water, this makes the efect of natural herbal inhalation.This function creates ideal bio climate in the sauna, the slow heating of the body creats a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and good cleansing effect on the respiratory tract, skin and hair. Herbal sauna also has a relaxing function, it is one of the best therapies for strifing stress and tension.

Classic steam bath

The classic steam bath is warm and humid with moderate temperature of 40 º C to 45 º C and high humidity from 90% to 100%. Aromatic system creates additional positive emotions by spreading pine scents, lavender and peppermint in the air. The steam bath has a mild, very pleasant and relaxing effect. Unlike the sauna, it is very well tolerated by all people and therefore it is one of the key introductory treatments in the SPA experience. Although you will perspirate more due to high humidity, the health and psychological effect is unparalleled.

Chrome-therapy shower

One of the latest trends in SPA treatments is chrome-therapy. This is a medical treatment that uses the effect of colors on the psyche and self-confidence of a person. From very ancient times it is known that the colors are able to influence health and emotional well-being of people. Studies carried out in recent years conclude that colors can help in the treatment of neurological problems, insomnia and many more.

In chrome-therapy light rays in four or more colors are built into the shower and can be changed according to your mood while someone is bathing. Studies clearly demonstrate that chrome-therapy works best in combination with hydromassage. Water enhances the effect of flux on the human body, as it makes it more intense.

Relax Zone

The part of the spa where one can relax is one of the most important rooms in a SPA. Ours includes heated beds and chairs, made with taste and elegance. By thermal effect is achieved stimulation of blood circulation and stress relief. They are the ideal place to rest between thermal SPA treatments.









27.12. – 02.01.


03.01. – 17.01.


22.11. – 26.12.

18.01. – 31.03.


Double Standard




Studio / Double luxury room+ 1 extra bed








Single Standard




Family room – 2p. + 1extra bed + 1extra bed


+40 +40


+20 +20


+18 +18

Apartment – Rent (4+2 or 5 adults).






•    All rates are per room per night in EUR and inclusive of: VAT, breakfast, resort fee, tourist insurance, shuttle to the slopes and back, free use of swimming pool, fitness, sauna and ski wardrobe for own equipment.

•    Dinner supplement – 10.00 Euro per adult/5.00 Euro per child (2-12)

•    Max. occupancy in Family room is 2+2 or 3 adults.

•    Max. occupancy in Apartment is 4+2 or 5 adults.

•    Children up to 2 years of age are free of charge.

•    Children from 2 to 12 years of age:

- on extra bed – 50% discount from the price of an extra bed for an adult.

- on regular bed – 25% discount from the price of a regular bed for an adult.

•    Adult on extra bed pays the fixed price regarding the season.